SolShare: Unlocking Solar for Flats

Allume Energy

SolShare is the world's only hardware for directly connecting multiple flats to a single rooftop PV array. The direct connection means that every flat qualifies for SAP PV credits, typically gaining 5-15 points.

SAP 10.2 states that the SAP point increase is based on the kWp that is directly connected to each flat. SolShare is the solution to achieve a direct connection between the solar and individual flats, typically resulting in a gain of 5-15 points per flat.

SolShare is tailorable to each flat’s needs. It can specify the exact share of kWp connected to each flat. Often a client will specify the kWp that each flat needs to achieve a desired EPC rating. With this information, a SolShare solar system can be designed to achieve these targets with minimal wastage. This provides the highest return on investment and greatest impact from the available PV.


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Allume Energy

Allume Energy

Allume Energy is unlocking solar energy for flats with SolShare; the world's only technology for connecting a single rooftop solar system to multiple flats and sharing the energy fairly between residents.

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