Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms in Schools and Universities

Multi-Faith Prayer Rooms in Schools and Universities

Universities, schools, and colleges are leaders in encouraging multicultural tolerance and understanding. Students are given the opportunity to widen their social circles, to meet and engage with people of diverse backgrounds.

The creation of a multi-faith room in an educational institution, does not only provide a dedicated space for worship and reflection by different faith groups, it also encourages interaction and mutual understanding.

Pre prayer ablution
WuduMate is well established as a leading supplier of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms and the company’s products have been installed in diverse educational establishments, from primary schools to prestigious universities, predominantly throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Wudu is the Muslim pre-prayer ablution ritual, which generally requires the washing of the face, head, hands, arms, and feet. WuduMate’s ablution facilities enable this ritual to be carried out in a safe, hygienic, comfortable, and dignified manner.

WuduMate’s most recent project in the education sector involved the provision of two WuduMate Mobile units to a new ablution room in a college at the University of Oklahoma. These units have been much appreciated by the college’s Muslim community:
"Thank you for helping us at the University of Oklahoma (USA) to help our community. We have been very pleased with our WuduMate purchases, and they have a great deal of use each week."

Another university, in Scotland, recently also chose WuduMate Mobiles for the ablution area in its multi-faith centre. This model is designed for any environment where there is no easy access to running water or drains and provides flexibility as it is a moveable wudu unit.

WuduMate has provided several schools in Birmingham, U.K. with ablution facilities. Appropriate models were chosen according to the expected level of usage, and the amount of space available.

A series of WuduMate Compacts was fitted in neatly along one wall of a primary school cloakroom, whereas WuduMate Classics were chosen for their robustness for withstanding regular use in a secondary school. A school which created a flexible design for their prayer room, included an attractive partition to separate the ablution area containing two WuduMate Mobiles from the main prayer space. One member of staff said:
"They are being used regularly by the students when they are in the Prayer room. They are really pleased with them and that we thought of them being able to carry out their rituals when praying. Thank you so much for your efforts in providing them for us."

What is WuduMate considering for the future in the education sector?
WuduMate is now receiving regular enquiries from colleges and universities around the world about their products. The company recognises that while schools may have a need and a desire for wudu facilities for their staff and pupils, their finances are often limited, so it is looking into the possibility of teaming up with a washroom supplier and creating a leasing arrangement specifically for schools, to reduce the amount of up-front payments and to spread the cost.

For further information, please see Wudumate's guide to designing a multi faith room
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WuduMate is one of the leading suppliers of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms.

The WuduMate™ range consists of a unique, cost-effective series of appliances for safe, comfortable and dignified ritual washing in commercial...
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