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When speed, security, space and safety are essential -

Bi-fold gates – or speed gates – are designed to provide an effective combination of access control, safety, speed and operational reliability. They provide secure vehicle entry points within a perimeter or boundary, and can improve business continuity and traffic flow for retail depots, logistics centres, emergency services stations and car parks where immediate closure of the site after entry is important.

How do Heras bi-fold gates ensure secure vehicle access?

Heras’ folding gates enable reliable and controlled vehicle access when space, speed, security and safety matters. They open and close in just a few seconds for fast and continuous operation, and lock securely to prevent unauthorised vehicle or pedestrian access.

What is the Heras sGate range?

Heras developed its sGate speed gate range as a functional solution to combine the opening speed of a barrier with the security levels of a gate. The gates are ideal for situations where the extra space required for conventional hinged or sliding gates is not available.

Various versions and track options are available to suit different environments. While some are suited to restricted opening heights such as an underground car park, others are reinforced to facilitate frequent use by heavy vehicles. The trackless bi-folding gate is perfect for sites needing unrestricted height access for large trucks and lorries. Heras sGate range includes:

sGate trackless

The trackless version of the bi-fold gate is ideal for locations where there is a need for an unlimited passage height for passing vehicles, but where there is no possibility of an integrated guide trough. In addition, the sGate can be custom made trackless and seamlessly integrated with an (existing) fence line.

sGate top guided

sGate (top guided) is ideal for car parks, apartment complexes or other sites where optimal security is essential. It’s the right choice when there is a specific height restriction (e.g. underground car parks) and/or a need for completely sealing the access opening to prevent intruders climbing over the gate.


The crash tested, bi-folding B937 speed gates are available in two versions, tested to both PAS68:2010 7500/68Kmh and to the even more demanding 80Kmh standard, each gate allowed minimal penetration and zero debris dispersal. The Patent applied for, lightweight, arrestor system design allows high speed operation, while the custom designed hydraulics and PLC provide the ultimate in flexibility and reliability. The B937 range opens new possibilities in High Security perimeter access design, as it is now possible to provide secure, high traffic, vehicle control combined with pedestrian deterrence in a single, reliable, low maintenance product.

The range is durable and uses low-maintenance components to ensure seamless continuity. All surfaces are extremely robust with high quality galvanized and double powder coated finishes in a wide choice of colours.


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