£1.3 Million Missed From Overlooking Mast Climbers

£1.3 Million Missed From Overlooking Mast Climbers

The project involved the construction of three blocks with varying heights: 6 floors, 12 floors, and 18 floors. In an ideal world, scaffolding for a building with a total height of approximately 40 meters (equivalent to 13-14 floors) requires 12 days per elevation. However, in reality, scaffolding installations often take around 25 days, while MCWPs could complete the task in just 2 days with a team of two workers – so the difference would be as much as 23 days per elevation. Across the three blocks - Mast climbers would have saved three months of installation time.

The same program efficiencies can then be seen on the other end of the project with similarly huge time savings involved in the striking of the scaffolding. With significantly fewer ties into the building, and therefore less remedial work to do on the stripping process, climbers would save a further 2 months and countless collections of equipment from site.

When you consider the logistical impact of simply reducing the volume of deliveries and collections from construction sites, the resulting savings become even more evident as many construction projects are often on very tight areas.

Potential Savings MCWPs Can Offer:

The adoption of scaffolding incurred a cost of £1.88 million for the project. However, if they had chosen to proceed with MCWPs instead, inclusive of all scaffold elements and power allowances, the job could’ve been completed at a significantly lower cost of only £820,000.

If MCWPs were used in the project instead of scaffolding, the developer would have achieved a direct savings of £1,060,000. The developer also estimated that an additional £250,000 could have been saved by considering the early project completion and reduced time and labour requirements. This equates to a potential total cost reduction of £1,310,000.

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